Welcome! I am a Registered Nurse with a colorful work history. Long story short, my career has taken me into the realm of teaching- at least for now 🙂 The launch of my blog serves as an ongoing component of my completion of the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program offered through Vancouver Community College. Here is the link to their Facebook page, below: My first assignment within this program was to have me doing some research on a topic which my pre-assigned Learning Partner and myself have together had to decide would be a good topic. Unfortunately, he has had to withdraw from the program and so I will forge ahead.

Because of the applicability to my career (as well as to that of my previous partner), the topic that we had agreed on was the concept of Process Based Instructional Strategies. I have decided to retain this topic as I move forward independently because I find it a topic that is just so easy to relate to. Currently, I am somewhere around 75% through teaching my first course and I find myself always going back to case based teaching, for my students, as a way to deliver information and for my students to retain and apply the knowledge. It just seems like a natural fit. And, because I continue to be drawn to the topic, I am really quite interested to see what kind of information I come across in my research.

As I forge ahead and learn a few new things related to Case Based Instructional Strategies, I hope to enlighten you in the process. Happy reading!


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